Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy Days...


A lazy...and grey...and then rainy Monday.

The good news is although it rained it wasn't storming so Bisc just relaxed and enjoyed it. I got close enough to get this picture of him and I think he's adorable. Sometimes I forget I have dogs with all the pictures I take of the kids. I have a hard time getting good pictures of Bars, he runs fast and is so black he blends into almost everything!! I'm going to try and get some good pictures of him at some point though:)

We went to the post office this morning and while we were out decided to go to Red Box and rent a movie. Gator picked the movie Ponyo...I had never heard of it but it was surprisingly good.


We also baked some cookies...


Took naps, played inside and had a rather lazy day...sometimes you just need lazy days!


Some of us were not so happy we had a lazy day...Peanut got her little jacket on and kept trying to go outside...we kept saying no...and she kept crying...although she would stop, take her hands away from her face and look to see if you were still watching her...


and if you were watching, it started all over again!


Like I said, some of us enjoyed the lazy day more then others...


Tomorrow...well, we have lots of perhaps tomorrow won't be so lazy!

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FourJedis said...

I love lazy days and they look pretty darn fun in your household too! :)