Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keeping busy!


Gator loves her new book that arrived yesterday.


She's working hard coloring all the pages. The first page talks about what a deployment is...the second page is about people that she knows that have deployed.


Its really a good book. When I first got it yesterday I thought it might be too advanced but its seems to be really quite nice. I'm glad I got it. Peanut is definitely too young for it but if I had more then 1 kid using it I'd probably photocopy the pages. Right now though, its Gators and she loves it...that's the important thing.

She is really handling it all quite well, in fact...a little story about this morning that made me chuckle...we went to the store to get some food at Trader Joe's. We are on our way home and she says, "Mommy I'm sad" and I looked at her and asked "Why" and she said, "I just am" and I'm like, "Ok, is it because Daddy is gone" and she says, "No, its because I only got stickers at Trader Joe's I forgot to get my coloring page and ballooon." I guess she's handling it a-ok!


FourJedis said...

She's so cute! I realized last week that it's outta-sight, outta mind for these little people. Awesome looking book!

KirstyB said...

The things kids say!! My kids did surprisingly well while josh was gone...but bedtime was always hard for Emma. How long has he been gone?