Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm giving it away for Lent week #4


I love yarn. Just ask Vegas, I love it. We have so much yarn in our house...I've previously sent packages of random scraps of yarn to friends...then I started using scraps of yarn...getting scraps from other people along with the yarn I'd buy...

Anyways, we have this one large plastic container that I aim to keep my yarn in. Vegas thought it was a good idea until the yarn started spilling over and out...then it went into bags and was just never ending.

One of my goals before Vegas gets home is to clean up and organize our stuff...afterall, a clean and organized home is a happy home!

So, this week my giveaway is yarn...and if it goes well, I might do a variety of yarn in another week.

This yarn was hand dyed for me by Blue Savannah. It is a 50/50 wool/superfine alpaca worsted weight blend is hand dyed in numerous shades of green with hints of brown. Its beautiful...and perfect for a giveaway where the winner is picked on St. Patty's Day! I don't have my scale here so I cannot give you the most accurate weight on this but my guesstimate would be at least 8 oz. I used a very small amount of it when making a scrap hat but aside from that, its all there!

This yarn comes from a loving home that is smoke free and dog friendly. Our dogs are nonshedding and no where near the yarn at anytime.

How to win

Leave a comment (get one entry)
Leave a comment and follow my blog (must click follow me on this blog or be one of current followers...get five entries)
Leave a comment, follow me and link to Facebook OR blog (must provide link in comment...get seven entries)
Leave a comment, follow me, link this blog on your facebook AND blog (get ten entries).

This drawing will close Wednesday at 12pm EST (noon Wednesday).

Winner will be notified via blog and/or email (so make sure that I have a way to contact you!!!)

***Please for every thing you do leave a separate'll be easier for me to count them, you don't have to leave 10 entries total...just one for the comment, one for being a follower, one for putting it on facebook and one for putting it on your blog (please include link)...I'll tally them up accordingly and announce winner on Wednesday*** I'm excited! Hope you are too! GOOD LUCK!

Oh...and even if you've won a previous giveaway you can enter...also this can ship international so if interested enter!!


The Austin Family said...

Aaaack...YARN... PICK ME PICK ME :) YAY!!! AND GREEN!! My fave color :)

The Austin Family said...

I already follow you!! :)

The Austin Family said...

and I posted it on my facebook :)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I wanna win! Plus, I wanna get some more LESSONS, can I win that??

C Haralson said...

Beautiful, I would love to have it!

diggin' said...

i am totally too late, but will anyway :P you know i love yarn :)

diggin' said...

and lookie there, i am following you, even though i havent used my blog in more than a year, haha.