Thursday, March 25, 2010


I took the girls to a little indoor play area to play yesterday. They met up with a few friends, of course, Gator ended up being the oldest kid and the rest of the kids were about Peanuts age (but not her size hahah!). I tried to get some good pictures of the kids playing but I'd grab the camera and then they'd all have scattered.

Gator had a good time because there were a few other kids there that were her age, just not part of the group we met up with. Peanut, loved it. Wait, they both loved it.


I was really surprised that Peanut made it up the climbing structure. She is so tiny you'd think she wouldn't make it but she did...and she loved it!


They had a bunch of different stuff to play with...for awhile they sat on opposite sides of the shape sorter and tossed shapes back and forth...then they decided their heads were circular...thankfully, the people that made the shape sorter were smart enough to make the circles small!



We had a great time...thankfully there are plenty of places that the kids can go to get out of the house and run off some of their energy! Today, we're off to do something else fun...what will it be? Perhaps there will be pictures when we return!!

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FourJedis said...

Peanut is a gal on a mission!!