Sunday, March 28, 2010

Giving it away for Lent week #6 (final week)


So, this is the last week of the Lent Giveaway.

It has been lots of fun giving away a variety of very cool items.

This week I'm giving away some of my yarn stash.

I have a lot of yarn...just ask Vegas!

This yarn (above) is some of the more specialty yarn...yeah, I'm so bad with remembering which is which that I can't really tell you...but if you're a follower of good yarn you might have a clue. My guess is that at least one of these balls (if not all?) would be from Mosaic Moon...


These balls (above) are 100% wool, machine washable and 50g each. Yeah...they range in price from 6.50-8.25 at the local yarn shop where I bought just do the math:)


This is the last bit...your guess is as good as mine on what it is...I'd assume wool...but I'm not sure who makes it or whatever.

I usually buy only wool and try to buy scraps of some of the better yarns because I was using them to make Hudson Hats (scrap hats)...but yeah, I have a "little" too much yarn...can you believe it?

I'm proud to say...the box ALMOST closes now. Hoping to use a couple things up soon and then it should shut before Vegas comes home to see it!

How to win

Leave a comment (get one entry)
Leave a comment and follow my blog (must click follow me on this blog or be one of current followers...get five entries)
Leave a comment, follow me and link to Facebook OR blog (must provide link in comment...get seven entries)
Leave a comment, follow me, link this blog on your facebook AND blog (get ten entries).

This drawing will close Wednesday at 12pm EST (noon Wednesday).

Winner will be notified via blog and/or email (so make sure that I have a way to contact you!!!)

***Please for every thing you do leave a separate'll be easier for me to count them, you don't have to leave 10 entries total...just one for the comment, one for being a follower, one for putting it on facebook and one for putting it on your blog (please include link)...I'll tally them up accordingly and announce winner on Wednesday*** I'm excited! Hope you are too! GOOD LUCK!


sabrina bateman said...

I love yarn to add to my stash or use for charity projects

Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

I'm learning to knit so yarn would be awesome!

I follow your blog, I'm your FB friend and have you on my blog roll...and come on you were my labour buddy I think I should get extra entries for that! :)

Erika said...

so beautiful!!!! :-)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Whoot!!! Oh mama, I want this one!! I'll be sharing on FB AND I have been a follower for (I dunno)EVER!!

The Austin Family said...

I already follow you :)

The Austin Family said...

oooo...Yarn......Me me, pick me :)

The Austin Family said...

I posted it on FB too :) you know where to find me!