Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Not really sure where to start today. Its been an incredibly busy month so far and we're only on day number nine!!!

Last week, we spent lots of time together as a family prepping for a deployment. We've kept it pretty hush-hush and only told a few people that we actually had information. It was a rough few days filled with some fun, lots of packing and tears. We dropped Vegas off at the airport and then headed north to begin our travels.

I am happy to report we are all safe and where we were going! Oh...and we're all exhausted!! Vegas is dealing with jet lag and what not...and well, I'm dealing with non-napping children and kids that go to bed later then they normally would and waking way earlier then they should be.

I think its just part of life though...military life...and hopeful that once we find a groove and get settled things will go along a lot easier.

So, our trip...

We started by heading north to BWI to pick up my Mom at the airport so she could be tortured with the drive as well...the drive up there was about three hours from our house. And, it wasn't bad because it was a weekend but it was bad because the GPS had me in the HOV lane and getting out of the HOV lane and getting back into it...well, somehow I wasn't able to get back into it and then it sent me through downtown DC at one point. It was kind of fun. While we were on the highway we passed the Pentagon and I said, "look Gator, there is the Pentagon. That's where Kenneth's Daddy works." I then pointed out a few other things (nothing too exciting)...so we're driving through our downtown adventures and she goes, "Look Mommy there is a McDonald's building...they make burgers there." I thought it was a funny thing to say - totally true and innocent...and well, it put a much needed smile on my face!

The hotel we stayed at was pretty nice. They had breakfast in the AM and it was actually pretty decent.


The sad part about the hotel was that it was filled with military members - mostly Army and Air Force from what I could tell and Gator kept saying, "When is my Daddy gonna get here".

Oh and the girls had a blast the night we arrived too! They love getting out of the car after a long ride and releasing some energy...what better way then jumping on the bed:


Then...they had free cookies out in the lobby! So, we brought a few back to the room...but not enough for the puppies!


We hit the road after breakfast and made relatively good time...thankfully the weather was perfect! I guess the weekend before had been quite the snowstorm and next weekend looks like some rain...ick!


Well, that's about it! We are here in Boston for a bit visiting and having some much needed time away...although a beach vacation could have been nicer, its definitely nice to have time to spend with family and old friends. Don't worry, we'll be traveling back and forth and all over...so be sure to keep up with the blog to see where we are each day, what we're doing, pictures of the girls, vents, etc.

Lastly, the kisses good night have begun!


120 kisses in each jar to represent the 120 days Daddy is supposed to be away...1 kiss to each kid a night!

More later...


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

the kisses are a great idea!!!!! Glad you got there safe and sound!!

Sarah said...

what a cute idea with the kisses!! i haven't ever seen that one before!

FourJedis said...

Love the jar. How Gator looks like a young lady! Beautiful. So bummed you headed north, not south. Feel free to call and chat any time! Thinking of you guys!

Gina said...

OMG I LOVE the goodnight kisses idea!!!! I'm all teary from that.

Janine said...

love the kisses idea!

Missy said...

I too love the kisses idea. Chad and I used playing cards for Korea, but that would have been way more fun! How does your mom do on that bridge? See those jars and the hotel story has made me cry! Damn hormones!