Friday, March 19, 2010

Different Kind of Kid...I mean, sandwich...

So, yesterday at lunch I made the girls sandwiches. Gator didn't eat hers but Peanut did. I was a little concerned that Gator ate half a jar of pickles but then reminded myself "she's 3" and really, are pickles THAT bad?

Later in the afternoon Gator told me she didn't want the kind of sandwich I made her (chicken salad) so I said, "Well, what did you want..." she replied with "Spaghetti".

A spaghetti sandwich?? Ok, so then she giggled...and time went on...but for dinner, I made her a spaghetti sandwich.

Surprisingly they do have recipes for these at Food Network, Recipe Zaar, Kids Cooking and Kick Ass Cooking. Oh...and cooler yet...when I swagged it - I got 30 swagbucks!!!

So, did Gator enjoy it??



I'd say she did enjoy it even if my spaghetti sandwich didn't look all that professional!

And, Peanut thought it was kind of interesting looking...although she wasn't given the opportunity to try it! Perhaps next time wee Peanut!