Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An answer!

2010-03-31 10.26.54.jpg

Today, I woke up and felt something just wasn't right. Peanut looked soooo sick and I just had to take her to the ER...again.

First, I had to wake Gator up. Then, I had to figure out what we could have for breakfast on the run...oh, Dunks! to the hospital which had no parking in the ER parking lot so I had to park further away which wouldn't have been an issue except I was by myself with two kids, 25 weeks pregnant and it was RAINING (again!).

The good news is we got seen quickly...the bad news...we still had to wait around for nearly five hours while they observed her!

Oh...and the diagnosis: ear infection, impetigo and Norwalk Virus/Norovirus.

2010-03-31 07.51.44.jpg

Super huge props to Gator who took it so well when I woke her up and told her to get dressed. And, she somewhat matches! I personally wouldn't have let her wear brown shoes with those black pants...or those black pants with those socks...but a girls gotta do what a girl has to do when she's trying to rush out of the house! Oh, and...uh...I didn't brush her hair either!

Thankfully she was so good...she sat and watched TV and even handled the loss of power like a champ.

2010-03-31 09.36.35.jpg

The majority of the time Peanut 75% of the time...the other times she was good sitting there, drinking some juice and having a popsicle.

2010-03-31 08.20.05.jpg

Oh...and she looks thin...I know. She lost nearly 10% of her body weight since Saturday...almost two pounds! Thankfully they did give her some Zofran (a miracle drug!!!) and she's not thrown up since. She has to go back to see a doctor tomorrow and then again when we get back to Virginia.

Hoping tomorrow I can write a post saying we are 100% better!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

God Bless Gator.. it seems they KNOW when you REALLY need them to behave!

Ellen said...

Poor little Peanut, I sure hope she gets better soon! Being sick is no fun. On the plus side at least you know what she has now and can take corrective action to treat it. Kudos to Gator being so well behaved....

FourJedis said...

Bless her heart. I'm so glad they figured out what's going on with her. And go Gator for being a trooper. And go Mom for getting to the bottom of this and trusting your instinct.

Crafty Mom said...

So sorry the Peanut is sick but its always helpful when the oldest is cooperative. sending you ((((HUGS))) )and heathy thoughts