Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And he's off!!!

Just thought I'd let everyone know who had been wondering...Andrew is officially IN the USAF!!!

Yesterday, the family gathered at MEPS to watch him take his oath and leave. I really wish I could have been there but due to circumstances beyond my control I wasn't able to get up there in time.

I did receive a couple text messages from him yesterday and I'm happy to let everyone know he arrived in San Antonio safely for bootcamp around 1030 EST last night. What a long day...and a long road ahead of him!

Please say a little prayer for him on this journey!


On a smaller side note Gator was bummed that she wasn't going to be able to see Uncle Andrew when we do go to Boston but she is looking forward to flying on a really, really, really big plane to see him graduate. I'm not sure she gets the whole graduation thing but she sure is excited about the really, really, really big plane...


Meghan said...

Another one bites the dust...LOL
You should be proud.. God Bless all who CHOOSE to serve!

Missy said...

Ahhh!!! he isn't even my brother but I am proud of him. He looks different! He will do AWESOME!!! My brother still doesn't have a date but he has plans either way.

I hope he finds a good mentor who will guide him into being a great airmen, and to work his way through the tough spots.