Monday, February 22, 2010

The Zoo!


And today we went to the zoo.

Yesterday was so beautiful. I looked at the weather for today and it was supposed to be even better. I thought...the perfect day for the zoo!

I told Gator about it yesterday and she was so excited! She wanted to see the elephants, giraffes, lions, etc. She's 3...of course she wants to go to the zoo!

I woke up this morning and well, I kind of wanted to go but I kind of didn't. It looked a little blah outside (its winter...when does winter not look blah outside?). So, I downloaded a new app on the blackberry. Its actually not new, I had it before but then I got a new one and well, never downloaded it. Weather bug. Its free. But it didn't tell me what I really needed --- hourly forecast! So, I got up and came to the computer and looked...oh, no rain until 5pm...perfect. I'll get out of my little funk, get dressed and take the girls to the zoo.

Keep in mind we have no food in the house - a can of soup, a packet of mac and cheese, a little bread, barely any juice...we just haven't been shopping in FOREVER. So, I figure...lunch out at the zoo. I tell Gator because now I know I'm definitely going to the zoo and I know I'll be hungry...she's excited and promises she'll eat her lunch all by herself and won't share any with the elephants...because elephants don't like chocolate milk, they only like peanuts.

We drive all the way to the zoo (I make it seem like miles it wasn't THAT far but its not down the street either). I get the kids out of the car, into the stroller, blankets, jackets, whatever we "might" need. We walk up to the ticket window and see a sign..."Sorry the restaurant and cafe is closed today".

Whatever...we're already at the zoo and thankfully we have our little Cheddar Bunny and Chocolate Graham Bunny snack packs and two chocolate milks. Forget lunch. Mind you, its like all of 10:15am and lunch wouldn't be for awhile but STILL.

We get in and walk by their newest stuff. They are still building a new Tiger Trail. It looks like it'll be awesome and they've done so much I'd guess it'd be open this summer!

We finally stop and look at the rhino & zebra...just one of each.


This isn't the best picture of Peanut but it's her looking at those animals...and it really shows you how long her hair is getting!

We continue on and upward...I'm pushing the double stroller so its got like 60 or so pounds of kid, plus stroller, snacks, blankets, jacket...OY...and we're going uphill.

Gator's getting all excited because she remembers the zoo...we've not been since last summer/early fall but she remembers! She keeps saying "let's go see the giraffes, deer, antelope..." We get all the way there...nothing is outside. We go through the indoor pass and see the 3 giraffes all caged up...and then two of the elephants from the top...but you can't see anything because you're looking down on them.

We walk outside...more nothingness...NOTHING was out. Hello, its hasn't been 50 in weeks...why are these animals locked up inside?!!?

Finally, we come upon some Lions.


The girls were excited...we watched for awhile...then continued on.

Soon, we came upon this cage with the door open...Gator starts freaking out..."where is the animal" and "is it going to find me and eat me"...I think its just an empty cage...


We then keep walking and hit upon some Seagulls. The girls were so interested in them...hello, if this is the most exciting thing I could have taken you to the Food Lion parking lot!


Continue walking...and stop to see the goats and other farm like animals. I snapped this picture of Peanut. I think its my new favorite picture. I'm making it large instead of medium which I normally post.


From there we went onto the reptile and nocturnal area...then to see the monkeys...

As we step out of the Monkey zone it is POURING rain.

I was so have got to be kidding me...seriously. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Weatherman for your so right on target 5pm my ass forecast!

Quickly on the way out we snap one last shot...Gator was so upset we didn't get a picture of the elephant that she promised here is your elephant picture!


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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I am SOOO READY for spring... I need to take these kids outside!!!