Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday was Wednesday. And, it FLEW by!

First, I have to say I turned 19, yes 19 weeks...PREGNANT! Woah. This means I'm almost halfway to meeting our little Firecracker. We are getting excited and anxious...but nervous too.

The girls helped me take a belly shot yesterday to show off my growing bump...


The little one is doing well and moving a ton. I'm feeling pretty good most days...a little tired (who wouldn't be tired after chasing these two!) and somewhat nauseous...but oddly enough that only happens at dinner. I've recently had to force myself to eat dinner - tonight, I opted to just skip it and I'll eat when I feel better. I have NO problem what-so-ever eating in the earlier part of the day but come 3pm...its ALL over!

Yesterday, Gator wanted to go to the Aquarium. With Vegas home another day we opted to go and see the fish!


The aquarium recently got renovated (like November-ish) and so its looking fabulous with lots of new stuff. The girls love the touch tank stuff the best...above they got to touch crabs...below, they got to touch Sting Rays!


They both love the touch tanks, the fish, everything at the Aquarium. I'm just amazed at how much they love each other too. Look at how sweet they look while they are walking and holding hands...even having conversation!


There is a neat shark exhibit too


Part of the exhibit they have this thing that looks like a submarine with lots of buttons to push. The kids can go inside...push as many buttons as they want...and see sharks. Oh, and if you look up you can see them floating above your head too. Pretty cool stuff.


Now, had you been to the aquarium PRIOR to November - that's pretty much all they had. It's small. Well, sorta small, they have an outside walkway to another building which never really had anything exciting so we don't bother walking...its not just outside its maybe a half mile. I know that's not "far" but to see nothing really worth it...kind of far. I could always go back to the parking lot, load the kids and stroller back in the car, drive the half mile to the other building, pull the kids and stroller out of the car...but really is THAT worth it?! (No!).

Well, now that its been renovated this building has SO much more. Like double the stuff it had before. The new section is fabulous!!!


They have lots of stuff to look at like lizards, snakes, fish, alligators...they have a science center where they bring out lizards to touch...and then more fish, scorpions, sea horses, etc. Its crazy!

They also have a gorgeous walkway to walk under the fish...



Really, I give them two thumbs up on the recent renovations!! The kids LOVE all the new stuff...and the old stuff too!


We had a blast! We were so happy Vegas could come with us! And we're all looking forward to going back again!! We definitely made the right choice with getting passes to the Aquarium!! I think they have already paid for themselves times two by now!!!

Oh, and on the way out I mentioned a few other things to do down in that area...Vegas wasn't thrilled with any of the options until I mentioned the Jewish Mother. It was time for lunch and this was a cute little place near the Oceanfront that we found with our friends the Jordan's the first summer we were here.

Now, I thought about taking pictures while I was inside and I had the camera with me because I wasn't leaving it in the car! I originally was going to take pictures of our food...but then a guy at the table across from us ordered the Dagwood Challenge. For $18.99 you got a huge sandwich, plate of fries and soda. This is a really good get 1 hour to eat it and if you finish everything its free! The poor guy... it was HUGE! I begged Vegas to let me ask if I could take a picture but Vegas thought I was just no picture yet! I swear this summer I'm taking Vegas back there and he's going to do the challenge!!! He seemed interested especially after all the episodes of Man V. Food that he watches...he'll have to watch a few more and get some tips...and then we'll go;) So, expect pictures of Vegas attempting to conquer the Dagwood sometime this summer!!!

It was a blast, really.

Oh, and if you're wondering if the guy It has only been completed TWICE! The sandwich stood near a foot tall and the fries were loaded on a separate plate...poor guy!

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FourJedis said...

Major cuteness seeing the girls doing their thing together! Love it! The aquarium looks awesome. We frequent ours about once a week! Loving all of your quality family time and your belly looks beautiful.