Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday again...

We found out about this awesome program called R.E.S.T. this week. I'd love to tell you what it stands for but I don't know! It doesn't say anywhere...and its free so I wanted to make sure I blogged about this because its a military program and I know some military people didn't know about it. (Gina, you might want to see if you can do this somehow for your kids!)

Basically, you take a picture of your active duty military person and they make pillowcases for your kids to sleep with. We had to supply the picture so I opted to have two made (one for each girl).

The pictures we used:



The turn around time on them is supposed to be 1-2 weeks. They are made on base. All I had to do was email the pictures to the supplied email address (it'll depend on your base/closest base etc). I got an email a day later saying they were ready so Vegas is picking them up today and it'll be added to the girls Valentine's Day gift. I'm not sure Peanut will really care but Gator will love it!

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