Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day weekend;)

We woke up this morning and had lots to do! I figured we wouldn't get a start too early so when Gator was delaying eating her breakfast I pulled out a gift that we got for both girls. I told her she couldn't open it until she finished, that made her eat!

So, this gift...I got it, wrapped it...and never showed Vegas what it was...just said, "We are covered got the girls something." He didn't care though. Gator brings it into the living room with Peanut following close...they rip it open...and the negative comments fly, "magnets...really Jen?!" then I felt slightly bad because I knew it really wasn't something for Peanut but more for Gator...and Vegas well, he wasn't thrilled at all...UNTIL...we opened the box!!!

Of course, I don't have pictures of how nice and neat these tiles can all be placed in the box but really these aren't messy like blocks or legos. The magnets are so well hidden in the tiles that its not a concern...and also, they aren't just going to pop out. That said, we also won't be giving Peanut a chance to play with them by herself.

Dumped all of them on the floor and started playing right away...


Daddy had fun playing too...



Her way cool rocket that she made with help...and loved so much she hugged:


So, really...its time for a review...

Gator played with these for 90 minutes straight...she would have kept playing with them but we insisted we needed to shower & get dressed to go run errands. While we were out running errands she kept asking to come home and play with her new "shapes". They are durable...we dropped a few and knocked several towers over (thanks to Peanut). They are the perfect size for Gator's hands (and Peanuts and Vegas'). Its a gift that entertains and teaches- shapes, colors, spatial ability, geometry, etc. It was actually entertaining for Vegas...and I think once he got over the inital shock of the package reading "3+ contains magnets" and he saw just how much fun Gator was having he was happy we got them. That said, 100 pieces (what we got) was expensive but worth it. Aren't all things expensive anyways?

I love them, Momma...I really love my shapes!



FourJedis said...

What a cool gift! I'm so glad you're back online. Never have a broken computer again. Love the V-day gift. :)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Very cool!!!! NOW I know what you were talking about! LOL

Bubba <3's the tanagrams!!