Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday!

Well, I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood...only to walk downstairs and realize we had no juice...no good breakfast food. UGH. What a way to start the day!

Then I knew I had to go to the store...Target & Trader Joe's.

The run to Target was to get some organizational stuff for our homeschool and art supplies. I'm not thrilled with what I got because when stacked they are 1/2" too big to go where I wanted them to...so, they are separate but still okay.

Trader Joe's...oh how I love thee!


The girls absolutely love TJs too. Look at what we got...all the yumminess! I just love it!

We were so hungry that I made us all lunch...Peanut obviously was starving because when I put hers down she pretty much devoured it before I could get pictures!!!


She had a french bread roll with some turkey, cheese, grapes and mango...

Gator had a french bread roll with some turkey, cheese, strawberries and pineapple...oh and salad!


Oh...and yeah...Gator had a sippy cup because she insisted Peanut wanted chocolate milk earlier so I gave Peanut chocolate milk...well, Peanut doesn't like chocolate milk so I made Gator drink it...haha!

So by the time I sat down to eat my lunch Peanut was practically done and itching for more so I had to get her more food before I could even touch my delicious lunch...


After we cleaned up, attempted to organize some stuff and played around a bit. I took this awesome picture of Gator but its a little blurry which totally stinks because if it wasn't then I'd totally print it and frame it!!



NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

it's not blurry.. it's "soft focus"...tee hee!!! I say if it still wins your heart at the end of March, print it out and frame it... like 5x7 or something, not huge.

Was your salad premade or your creation??

mum2abby said...

I got the bagged organic herb mix lettuce stuff (didn't care for it was a bit peppery tasting) but whatever I'll eat it...chopped up part of the block of extra sharp cheddar I got (oh how I love cheese) and some strawberries.

The sandwich was a french bread roll, hummus, lettuce, pomegranite seeds and turkey. YUM!

FourJedis said...

Looks pretty fabulous... I can't wait to pop my trader joe cherry next week!

Sarah said...

you're doing awesome in Av mode!! love the pics!!