Monday, February 15, 2010


Today was busy. Its a 3 day weekend so Vegas was home...and it was fabulous! The girls love having the time with him (as do I!). Gator has been asking Vegas for a few days to, "please let me go bounce" so we decided that would be the focus of today!

The morning started with some how two little girls in our bed...not sure how that happened. We got up and had some breakfast and made chocolate chip scones - delicious! Then, we got ready to go bounce!

We arrived and Gator was so excited to show Vegas everything. I was dreading going today because its a holiday but really, it wasn't busy. The girls both ran around in excitement jumping on one thing and then another.


Gator remembered the big slide so we went over there and she zoomed up to the top so fast while Peanut and Vegas slowly made their way up. Then, Gator ran up behind them and they all went down together. Peanut loved it although the look on her face doesn't really say "love" it says something completely different.


At the end of the slide both girls ran/bounced their way to the stairs to go back up!


They loved the big jumper where they could both just get in and jump.


The problem is that Peanut is still uneasy on her feet because she's "learning" to jump and Gator is so quick, weighs nearly double what Peanut weighs and bounces so incredibly high that Peanut is knocked over just by being nearby!


There are a bunch of different bouncers with obstacles courses, a kids playroom, some arcade games and these sport blow up things. Gator loved playing "baseball" and she was actually pretty good. I'd love to get her involved in t-ball this year but I already know that is something I just can't do.

Don't worry though - I have lots of fun activities planned. I'll be putting her in swim lessons this spring at one of the local bases and then when the college kid who taught her last year returns home for summer I'm hoping he'll continue the swim lessons privately. He was fabulous with her. Then...perhaps fall will bring soccer! (or dance, music, gymnastics, swimming...heck, after last nights living room performance maybe even ice skating!)


FourJedis said...

I adore the look on Peanut's face! How sweet. They are so pretty and have such big personalities for little people. So glad you got lots of quality time with the fam and had a nice V-day! Gator is mini-you and Peanut mini-Vegas!

Sarah said...

oh jeeze... peanut's face is cracking me up!!! and i think gator would love t-ball! don't do they t-ball in the fall too? hmmm