Friday, February 12, 2010



Gator woke up not feeling well. I had NO clue what was going on but prayed so hard that the stomach bug from earlier in the week that Peanut had was not making an appearance with Gator.

She refused to eat breakfast and opted for only water and crackers. Oh, wait, step back...both girls were up in the middle of the night and so we managed to sleep in until 8:45 am...if you know these two, something is wrong! I wasn't weird that Peanut was sleeping since we partied for 2.5 hours downstairs until Vegas woke up and took her downstairs to eat breakfast and the she really just took a morning nap...but Gator slept in!

Around lunch I finally took her temp 102...nothing like what Peanut had earlier in the week. I use one of those ear thermometers and it made her burst into tears...then all we heard was how much her ear hurt *sigh* I just knew it was an ear infection.


Girls both took fabulous naps in adorable matching jammies...don't they look cute? And I laid there with Peanut, snoozed off an on, watched some CNN and played with the phone. It was peaceful. Peanut woke up...but Gator still slept on...3+ hours and I finally woke her up...


Last night she slept with us, woke up crying and at one point said, "Mommy my ear hurts I need to go to the hospital." I took her to the doctor today (Friday) thinking it was definitely an ear infection...but turns out she's got something else going on...bleeding in the ear canal! OUCH! Possibly a ruptured ear drum or something...but no actual "infection". Not sure if that was what the fever was from...but, she's on tylenol for pain and hopefully she'll be 100% by the end of the weekend...if not, back to the doctor we go!

She's a lot better today by the way!

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