Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things I thought I'd tell you about!


These are gumballs. They are the MOST annoying thing ever!!! They come from Sweet Gumball Trees. We have more then 10 of them in our yard...and unfortunately the surrounding yards all have them too! There is apparently quite the history to the tree...which is really funny because until we moved here Joe and I had never heard of nor had we seen a Gumball tree! After living here...we'll probably look for a house without the next time...what a pain in the rear to clean up and rake!


Second, I wasn't losing my mind. I KNEW I had seen a "how to" on making a busy board. Here it is for anyone interested. Below you can see the frames instead of the large board. I showed this to Vegas and I think if possible we might attempt making a busy board. These pictures are from the book, "Teaching Montessori in the Home, the Preschool Years" by Elizabeth Hainstock


Third, we love our I wanted to pass along this VERY important museum information! Shortly after moving here to Virginia we had heard that a museum in Dayton, OH (funny because we had just lived there a few months before) offered a museum pass that could get us in to most museums here. We opted to try it...and we're so glad we did. For $100.00/year we have an Adventurer Pass through Boonshoft Museum . It allows two adults and all their childre (21 and under) to enter into the museum for free. Then it gives reciprocity to ASTC (Association of Science Technology Centers), AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and ACM (Association of Children's Museums). If you want a cheaper membership for $79.00 (civilians) or $69.00 (military) you can get into reciprocal museums aside from the Children's Museusm. Our children's museum here cost $6/pp over the age of 1 and Richmond's is $8/pp over age for us, this was a no brainer! You will have to check the links to see if they will get you into the museums near you! Free entrance is awesome;)

This is fabulous because here it gets us into SO many different museums. We usually get our monies worth in the first month!!! Especially with places having entry fees of up to $15! The only museums locally that I cannot get into are the Aquarium (we got a separate membership) and the Botanical Gardens. Everything else this covers!!

Ok...well, those are the THREE very important things I thought you should all know about! Hope you have a fabulous Saturday!!!

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