Friday, February 12, 2010

Sun Feb 7

Sunday was one of those days we tried to be lazy!

It just didn't happen! We still ended up having to run some errands. Vegas & Gator got haircuts and Peanut & Momma went to the store. When we went back to pick them up Firecracker was so hungry (haha!) and Peanut needed to eat because if she didn't she'd fall asleep in the car without a nap - lunch out!

We had a nice evening at home filled with pizza! And, watching the Super Bowl...we're so very HAPPY the Saints won!

Oh...and what did we do after dinner but before the game?


We colored a pillow case (Momma & Daddy each did one flower and Gator did two)! We've had it for awhile in the craft box and finally pulled it out to do now that Gator is getting really good at coloring. She did fabulous! The coolest part is the fabric crayons can be used on other things we got to save those for extra projects we'll have in the upcoming months!


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