Thursday, February 18, 2010

Play day!

Another day with Vegas home...we are just so lucky! We started the morning with breakfast and playing around the house.


Gator did a little work on her letters...

And then out came the toys!

Can you guess what was first to be pulled out?!


Did you guess Magnatiles?!


Both kids LOVE them!!!



Gator can sit and play for hours...Peanut often gets up and walks back and forth between other activities.

One of her other favorite things is our aquadoodle on the wall!


I recently was talking to my Mom on the phone and said, "Go color on the wall..." I had to explain the whole thing to her seeing as that's not something parents normally tell their children!

Also, I got a few close up pictures of Peanut...


I love the expression on her face here:


I can hear her saying "cheese"!

These kids are so cute! Vegas and I are completely blessed to have them in our life. We love watching them play everyday...we always have a reason to smile. I must say in the last six months one of the BEST things we did was make our playroom more playroom friendly! The girls are always in there playing. We love it. I just wish we did it a little sooner...a better rug, better storage, better toys, better and learn, right? Perhaps I'll look back and try and see if I can find some before & after pictures. Don't hold your breath though! It till take awhile...but really, the playroom is awesome. Such cheap fixes and such better results = happy kids and clean living room!

More pictures tomorrow...I hope!

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Erika said...

first, i am LOVING these pictures- they are sooo sweet!

second, i am going to hunt down those magnatiles- they look very cool.

third- i definitely want tips on making the playroom better/more friendly. in our new house we'll have a small playroom- and i need all the help i can get! so hunt down those pics! :-)

oh, and once we move i'm taking paprika out of preschool and homeschooling for awhile- so i am so going to need your tips then, too!

love your blog!!! :-)