Friday, February 19, 2010

Organization...(part 1)...where I'm lacking it.

If you know Vegas...or well, if you know me. If you have been to my'd say, "wow, its organized" or maybe even, "wow, its clean"...I've even had "your kids live here?" Well, if you know me really've been here when the house was turned upside down in disaster mode. We try really hard at having everything organized. A place for everything.

Recently, we had a couple realtors come and evaluate our house. We'll be listing it next year...or perhaps at the end of this year...sometime within the next year - let's go with that. Anyways, the realtors said that our house was one of the nicest ones they had seen and would easily show. Do I think they say this to everyone? No. Really, its an easy show.

So, while other people seem to think our place looks organized and what not...I always feel like we need to do something. (Doesn't everyone that owns a home think they need to fix certain things?). Well, focus of the upcoming months...Gator's room and the kitchen.


Gator's got a good sized room...a bed, dresser, closet, bookshelf...but everything is always all over the place. I started thinking about it and I think if she had a place where her dress up all fit (instead of a very large rubber maid container on the bottom of her closet) then I could hang them up and leave them out for the girls to play with...and toys like the doll house or potato head or ponies could get put away daily.

I'm looking for a dress up storage center for Gator's room. While this one is no longer available...I do have a VERY talented, yet some what injured...very awesome (did I say how awesome he is?!) father in law...who can build things! He actually made the girls each a book perhaps, just perhaps...if he's reading this (and he's probably rolling his eyes right now) he could make one for Gator's 4th birthday this summer!!!

I really think that could help solve the bedroom dilemma. I might also re-arrange the room...and well, any other suggestions are welcome.

The kicthen...that's a topic for another day - including the blank wall space!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I think I know you quite well, and I have NEVER seen your home in upheaval!! LOL Now mine is always in disarray! Oh well, you got that bit of the brain I guess!

Erika said...

well, we have that pink dress-up storage center and i love it- but if I could have one made for me, i would have done that instead. there are a lot of dress-up storage things on the market that are similar- google them and you'll find a lot. but having one custom would be the BEST!

we have a similar style- paprika's room looks similar in decor to gator's. i am on the hunt for a queen sized white bed like gator's (paprika has a queen mattress b/c we didn't want to buy her a new one when we upgraded our master to a king)...anyway...

i bet you'll sell your house quick. you definitely have an eye for what looks good, hip, and modern!

mum2abby said...

Yeah, I am super excited because MIL emailed that FIL would build one for Gator for her birthday this summer. I told her it didn't have to be exact like that but some place to store the stuff would be fantastic. He's really really really good with wood so I'm sure it'll come out awesome.

We had a queen bed and thought about using it for Gator's room but then we weren't sure how much room she'd have to play so we sold it and got the twin. We would have only kept the matress because the headboard/dresser screamed "man". Our bed & bedding is from Pottery Barn know if you tell them you got a coupon but you lost it they'll give you like 10-15% off whatever you buy...and if you open registry and close it out anything that's on the registry you get coupon for as well (not sure if they'd double coupons but just a way to get coupon codes).

I'm trying to decide what we're going to do with Peanut. And, I've been looking for a second matching thing of bedding for our trundle. Have yet to find it though:)