Monday, February 22, 2010

New Lens


So...I pulled off my comfort lens and now I'm working with the Nifty 50...its going to take me awhile to get used to it. I used it when I first got it awhile back (like oh last Spring) but then got more comfortable with the other bare with me on the pictures. I'm also trying to switch off the auto on the pictures...


I'm just trying to get a little better grip on this whole camera picture taking thing...I've got this book called Understanding Exposure...its okay...and I've got the manual...also ok...but really what I need is someone to come show me exactly how things work.

My plan is to get another lens (I'm not sure which one) at some point...but the goal is that I have to master this one before I add to the collection. I'd like something with a little wider view but then I think maybe better zoom would be good too. I'm not so sure...I've got plenty of time because at this rate, I'll never conquer the lens...although...I must say, I think my pictures are coming out better as each day goes on!!


FourJedis said...

Congrats on your lens! That's one of my two favorite lens - that and the 28-70L (in fact, I got rid of my others). What body do you have again? Looking forward to seeing your girls through the Nifty 50!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I hope someone soon lets me drop some bucks..

mum2abby said...

I've got the Canon XSi. I got it last year. I love it...but I need to step away from auto and play around with it a little more. That was kind of my hope with this whole photo and blog challenge for the year. I think my pictures have already started improving.