Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Museum of Poop.

Really...that wasn't my plan for the day.

I'm trying to do something fun each day this week while Vegas is off and spending time with us. A few days ago I had seen an advertisement for one of the local museums having a new exhibit (this is where I should pay more attention) and I saw kids being able to have some playtime (slide etc). I thought THIS is what we'll do today. The kids can roam around and have some fun...and honestly, its free for us and if it was a complete failure we could leave and I wouldn't feel "bad" about wasting money to get in.

We arrive, park and head on into the museum where I actually read the title of the exhibit "Animal Grossology". Ok...so gross animals, right? Oh My Word...much, much more then that!

First, I have to say it was educational. A lot of the exhibit was talking...and Gator liked the "Slime Game".


They had a microscope where the girls could look in and see parts of the fly...the legs, mouth, wing etc.


They had a game about frogs...I'm not sure really what the game was about but it was entertaining.


This was the thing I had seen on TV that looked entertaining...oh, it was entertaining...the girls LOVED it.


Now here's the thing...it really wasn't for those that had weak stomachs...


And, I'm unsure I really wanted to be giving Gator this information.


Really, did we need to see this?


And more of the writings on the wall...



And, let's be serious...am I really going to make these at home for the kids?


If you're wondering...no I'm not going to make those at home!

The good news is this wasn't called the poop museum. There were other things going on. The girls got to see some outerspace stuff...


And, test their hands at being a pilot...


I'm not sure about you...but I don't want them piloting my next airplane ride!!!

All in all, the girls had a blast and Vegas & I always have fun when the girls are happy...and I must recommend this exhibit to others. The kids loved it. It'd be great for those with BOYS especially my dear friend Natalie who really needs to road trip up here just for THIS exhibit! LOL.

Super big apologies for crappy pictures...as you can tell I did forget the good camera at home and went with the BB but at least you got pictures! And, I didn't watermark them or edit them because the website is down...I thought shall I wait or shall I just blog...and with two napping kids...I blogged!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

FourJedis said...

OMG I am so all over that! My boys would love that... ok maybe I would too!

mum2abby said...

Nat, you really need to...it was a pretty cool exhibit. They had this one part where you looked through binoculars at poop and then had to look at the animal that made the poop - it was like match the poop with the animal it came from. LOL. Abby loved it although I wasn't all about reading the factoids and everything haha!

Gina said...