Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More good times...

I'm not sure if I ever ended up blogging about the fact Gator is getting so big...well, she is. We have almost no clothes that fit her...she keeps growing and growing and growing! Spring is coming -- soon I hope! And, I figure if I buy clothes for Spring it really has to come, right? So, I hit a really good sale on Gap (25% off) and money back with Ebates. For, anyone that doesn't know Ebates is a really cool thing where you can go to that site, pick a store and then they link you to that store. Whatever you spend you can get a percentage back in paypal. They have all sorts of stores listed...and since I'm buying the stuff anyways I'm happy to get the extra money :)


The clothes arrived today.

Gator was so happy...she jumped up and down..."I have clothes...I have clothes!" If you've been in her room, her closet, her drawers...this kid has clothes...but whatever...she was so excited!

There were lots of shorts, capris, shirts and bathing suits...

She tried EVERY piece of clothing on.

Peanut felt a little left out that she didn't get anything...although she did! She got one dress from Gap. Its a terry cloth cover up for bathing she tried it on.


Peanut is hilarious because she tries so hard to be just like Gator...and in turn she tried to pull her diaper off in an attempt to put some other stuff on. She never got her diaper off but did manage to move it down a I followed her around the house taking pictures. Keep in mind this is a completely dry non sagging diaper...



She quickly got bored of the picture taking...


And then I refilled her snack (cheddar bunnies!)


Apparently, snacks make all the difference!

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Sarah said...

ah i am ROFLMAO at her plumber's crack!!!! that's too funny!