Friday, February 12, 2010


Ok, what a blur!

We woke up Monday AM to find Peanut was sick...we hung out at home and tried to recover. It was actually pretty pathetic, I don't think I got much done Monday or Tuesday because all Peanut wanted was to be snuggled. She's been sleeping in her own room and in the crib since December - previously she was sleeping in her own room but in the swing (ha!). Anyways, after Monday's experience I just couldn't let her sleep through the night again because I didn't know if she'd be okay or off she came into our room. She used to hate being in our bed, unfortunately with her being sick she's now decided she loves it...hmm! This meant that all week she napped in my arms in our is her first day she's sleeping in her crib at naptime!

But really, you would not have even known she was sick earlier this week...she was running around and playing! She even got stuck in the stroller...


I also turned 18 weeks pregnant on I cannot believe how quickly Firecracker's pregnancy is coming along. I saw the doctor again...everything looks good...YAY! :)


And another shot because I love this shirt its from Discobelly on!


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