Wednesday, February 3, 2010



After my appointment I decided to take both girls to Trader Joe's. We needed some blueberries (as always) and some more of their chicken nuggets. Oh, and I was out of hummus!

Yesterday just happened to be Tuesday and my friend Erika posted her Skinny Tuesday blog complete with pictures and a description of her lunch. Ok, you should know not to talk to pregnant ladies about lunch (or any food for that matter)! While at Trader Joe's I then was on a hunt for some pomegranite seeds.

Got all my goodies (and I mean a lot of goodies!) and then came home and made lunch! The girls had chicken nuggets and fruit and I had a delicious pita with hummus, lettuce, turkey and pomegranite seeds! YUM! Oh, and of course Mango on the side (one of our favorite fruits!)

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Erika said...

oh, that looks SOOOO good! and so healthy!!! yea!!!! :-)