Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's an Alison!

Ok, so today was the big ultrasound. I told Gator last night that I was going to take her with me to the ultrasound so she was all excited. Vegas went to put her to bed last night and said, "Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl?" Gator replied quickly with "Its an Alison!"

Well, today I left Peanut home with the sitter and took Gator with me to my appointment. When we walked in the room the ultrasound technologist asked Gator the same question and got the same answer..."It's an Alison!".

So, the ultrasound went well. The baby is doing fine and measuring right where he/she needs to. I got a few pictures but they aren't even worth uploading on here because they are all blurry and do not do the Firecracker any justice.

Oh, and you're it really Alison?

Well...we shall see...Alison or Al? Tune in sometime in July to find out! Oh...and in the meantime we're currently 90% sure we'll go with the name Alison Lora for a girl and no where near even having a name for a boy...I guess time will tell so, if you have some good boy or girl names please feel free to comment and let us know!

Requirement - if its a girl it MUST start with the letter A...and the middle name is going to be Lora boy requirements though!


FourJedis said...

I love Gator. How cute. No recommendations on the boy name - we have struggled with ours, but can't wait to July to find out what you're having. I think it's another girl. Girl suggestions: Alice, Alyssa, Alison (my sister :D), Andrea.. hmmm I'm blanking.

Erika said...

so do you know the sex and are keeping it secret or are you waiting til the birth to find out?

excited for you guys!!! (((hugs)))

mum2abby said...

We don't know:)

Sarah said...

lora will also be the middle name of our girl when we have one. it was my great, great grandmother's name. spelled the same way even! :)
and you're seriously killin me with not finding out yet. lol

mum2abby said...

Sarah- It's my aunts middle name who passed away last year that's why we're going with it!

Amanda said...

I thought for sure you'd found out and decided to share. So if it's a boy, do you want an "A" name, too? Wilder's name was almost Amos, which I still love, but totally did not fit him.

:) Amanda