Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb 5 (Friday)

The girls had a blast on Friday.

We woke up and had lots and lots of we hit up this placed called the Bounce House. Its filled with Bounce Houses (duh). It was huge and for the most part clean.

The girls had a blast roaming around, climbing through the stuff and jumping!

Peanut even climbed through all the obstacle ones with Gator...and then Gator would bring her to the side where I could pick her up and take her out right before she had to climb the wall to go down the really big slide.


Thinking that Peanut was actually missing out on the slide, I did carry her up one time...and that one time was enough!!! I was exhausted!!!


I don't have great pictures of the stuff because I only had my phone with me. I wasn't sure what the place was going to be like and didn't want to risk losing/breaking one of my nicer cameras...that said, my phone doesn't have stabalization on some stuff gets blurry!

And, if you, that's a lot to do in a day! We did more!!! We came home and played Princesses. Gator dressed up as Cinderella (one of her favorites) and Peanut dressed up as Snow White...complete with the high heel shoes!


Peanut walked all over the hardwood floors thinking they were the greatest thing ever invented.


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