Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 14th.


Valentine's Day came and went yesterday...and I just didn't bother blogging. Instead, I spent the day with the family. We started by giving the girls their little gifts - Tinkerbell sippy cups and Tinkerbell candy...and then we all went to breakfast...oh, and Vegas was really sweet and got me some red roses...

After breakfast we came home and played with the know the big gift that I gave her a day early:) Wow...what a gift. She seriously played with it most of Saturday and Sunday and then again today! She loves does Vegas & Peanut!


When we got home Vegas got ready to go outside and let Peanut try on his jacket & hat! Then, Vegas headed outside to do some cleanup work on the yard...with all the snow/rain gross stuff that has fallen the nasty gum balls had fallen all over the yard. I'm sure some of you are like, "gum balls?!" I'll take a picture if I remember. They are nasty! The worst part is they got stuck in the bottom of my running shoes (not that I was running or anything!)

We took the girls outside for a bit but it was cold so the visit outside was short lived before returning back into the house for some playtime. We even had dinner out last night - steak! Yum!

We had a fabulous Valentine's Day and we are so glad we could spend the day together!

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