Monday, February 1, 2010

Do A Dot

You've heard it a million times...the girls love arts and crafts and baking! Well, just so happens we keep all the arts & craft stuff and the baking stuff in our huge pantry. Really, its huge. Anyways, so last week we were playing with the Do A Dot markers and we never put them away in the tub of art supplies. We left the box (with a few other boxes) on the shelf. Now, Peanut daily pulls them out to play with and I'm constantly running after her to get the box back. I finally gave in and let them have some Do A Dot fun time today...of course, I'm not sure how much Do A Dot fun time we'll have in the future thanks to Daddy who taught Peanut to dot herself!

Playing nicely:


Gator working hard at her picture, you should see the fridge its covered!


Peanut playing nicely at first


Peanut learning some bad habits



So, it was fun...the kids had a good time...and Peanut got a bath after! Oh, and just so you know it doesn't come off!

Hoping for some good pictures tomorrow. I feel like Peanut has been taking over the blog lately...I'd love to get more shots of Gator, perhaps she'll let me!


FourJedis said...

I love them... I kinda had a feeling that Ms. Peanut was going to get up to no good. :) Such sweet, cute girls!

Gina said...

LOL...too fun! Where did you get those?? I MUST add them to our stash.

The Austin Family said...

I've never used those...but we do 'Thumbprint' Art..and I got some little kits from that are great..and do wash off :) Also, try 'eye make up remover' next time...I've been able to get 'permanent' marker off my kids with it :). Looks like a great time!!