Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ok, today is a day filled with Ds!!!

First, I'd kindly like everyone to STOP talking about food in front of me, near me, on facebook...gahhh! I'm always hungry!! I don't know how many people lately have been talking about Dunkin Donuts. Yes, we have them here but they are like 30 minutes away. So...what did I do today? I loaded the kids in the car and drove 30 minutes for an iced coffee and box of munchkins!!!


You're I even drink coffee...riiiiight?

I only drink Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and its very rare.

Yes...its safe to have during pregnancy...I asked Krystin who informed me that she was drinking a large iced coffee...its all good...oh and A3 seems to like does A2 - yes, I gave her a taste! A1 just said she'd rather have coffee icecream to which I replied, "when Daddy comes home".

Talk about healthy eating...huh? But really...if you are interested in some good healthy reading/eating you need to check out THIS blog.

The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE munchkins. They were so happy with the trip this morning.


They celebrated with a tea party!



My little munchkins are munchkin eaters!!!

In other big D information...but Peanut now says DUCK! What a day for D's!!!


FourJedis said...

How cute! Coffee is fine during pregnancy! :) You should get Gator to tell you all of the words she can think of that start with a 'D.' I bet you get some great ones! :) And fwiw, I ate about a pint of ice cream a day in my last few weeks of pregnancy...

mum2abby said...

Yeah, I'm sure I'd get some great ones...thankfully she's taking a little snoozle now;)

Oh...and icecream is fine when its hot and you're uber pregnant but if I start now I'll be uber huge by the time July rolls around!! hah!

I wasn't 100% sure on coffee, I figure everything in moderation right? I know some people completely cut out the crap while, I can't do that! And, its not like I drink it daily...or cups and cups each day for that matter!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

We did a scavenger hunt yesterday for the letter of the day!

BTW, way to steal part of my blog!!

Sarah said...

CUTE picture of peanut! you so need to frame that one. :)
and thanks.. you totally have ME craving DD now, too.. yet i don't have the excuse that you and K do. :D

Missy said...

I have yet to find a donut shop here! WTH? I am always eating too! It suxs!