Friday, February 19, 2010

The cuties...

I really do have some cute kids.

Here are some pictures from earlier today that I just love. Get ready there are a lot!:


Peanut was outside on the slide screaming at Gator!



Gator was hamming it up in the living room after a cheddar bunny snack!


If you think Peanut's going to admit she had a snack you are wrong. Me: Peanut did you have chocolate Peanut: (shakes her head no...walks toward tv, points to candy dish on top and says "peeez").


We have a climber...but you already knew that!


What can I say...she's cute.



Gator was trying to hard to make Peanut smile while looking at the camera...would have been cute if I could have had them both looking but really...they are cute just as they are!


Erika said...

oh, they both look SO much like you!!! so adorable! :-)

Kelly said...

Love the photos! You and Vegas make cute kids! And yes, they totally look like you. Can't wait to meet #3...

FourJedis said...

I agree- they are precious and they are your little mini-mes! Keep on reproducing! :)

Sarah said...

i LOVE that picture of the two of them looking at eachother! nothing like having a sister. :)