Sunday, February 21, 2010


Recently, I took the girls to Barnes and Noble for a day of shopping. Gator had received a gift card to Barnes and Noble awhile back so I thought instead of going and just looking, I'd let her get something. She loves the bookstore...story hour is great, the train table is fabulous, the little coffee shop that sells cookies...but all the neat stuff they have for homeschooling is even MORE perfect!

She knew she had money on her card so she search high and low and finally decided she wanted beads. I was so happy with this choice because it was something that was on my list to get!


This morning we pulled the beads out, sat on the floor in the living room and played. I also had the TV on (Good Morning America is a weakness of mine...I really need to know WHAT is going on in the world). So, we played...


The both worked very hard at lacing the beads...




Peanut was very focused on these. It was difficult and she could get the string into the hole but couldn't get the bead completely on the string by herself...


Never the less she kept trying and focused so hard.

The end result was several beautiful bead necklaces (that Mommy has since taken apart and put back in the bucket for them to make again another day!)


A small side kids do have other jammies. I realize everytime I take pictures they are wearing the same ones but they are favorites! Gator and her love of dinos!!!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

GREAT!! Another thing to add to my wish list!! LOL

Erika said...

so sweet!!! :-) paprika has the same outfits she loves to wear over and over again, too. lol.

Missy said...

Okay, had to make a google account! Boo! But I love those beads!