Saturday, February 27, 2010

And, it works!

Well, I'm not sure if I posted about this the other day but Vegas and I decided to buy ANOTHER computer. It just made sense. We didn't go huge...actually we went very, very small...a netbook. Its a good one though...high ratings, lots of stuff...well, as much stuff as you can stick in a netbook. The battery charge is awesome. It'll be great for us.

Anyways...we've been playing around with it a bit and Gator wanted to know how the webcam worked. Yes, we have a webcam on the desk top...but we hardly ever use it.

Thinking about it...we probably should. I'm sure she'd love to keep up with Little Surfer Dude who's moved...and the Fence bunch...and well, everyone!

So, Vegas tried to explain it to Gator about how it works...explaining, well, it didn't work so well. She tried to get all scientific on us and jumbled a bunch of Vegas showed her.


Now...if we aren't silly...Vegas & Peanut webcamming from the kitchen and Momma & Gator in the office. It was fun...I think its a good little purchase and will come in handy!


FourJedis said...

Yay for new computers and talking to each other on the computer from within the same house! Love that!

Sarah said...

LOL funny! you guys are silly. :) and cute pic of vegas & peanut!!

Missy said...

little surfer dude would love it! He we can even teach a lesson or two with other homeschool kids. Or have some older homeschool kids we know teach the younger ones and art project.

We have that tiny Acer, but I think I want to sell it. We never use it.