Wednesday, February 24, 2010

20 weeks


Today I am 20 weeks pregnant.

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown.

Under normal circumstances I would announce that I am more then halfway through our I always have been induced at 39 weeks and plan to continue that pattern with A#3. But, I'm not 100% sure when I'll induce...or if it'll even be that way this time. If I go before 39 weeks...well, that'll be just random. If I go past 39 weeks its because I'm trying hard to hold someone in so someone important can be there. news. GAH!

Oh, did you see the A#3...well, its official...we have decided on A names for a boy and a either way its an A. The girls name falls in the 200's according to the social security name index for the past ten years. The boys name isn't in the top 1000 anytime in the last ten years!

We've told a few people the names. I've gotten a few mixed reactions. I could definitely tell the people that didn't like the names...and those that genuinely did. A few people said they liked them but then continued to give me lots of other choices...I'm not sure they really liked the names.

The important part is Vegas and I love/like the name.

Oh...and just for shits and giggles...some of the contenders that we won't be using for girls are Annabelle (gag), Alexa, Annastacia and Ava (all with the middle name Lora)...and for the boys Brady Thomas, Brandon Joseph, Oliver Joseph and Luke Joseph. I just had to put my foot down and say we couldn't name the child after Tom Brady and Joe had to put his foot down and say we couldn't name the child Luke with our last name...yet somehow Annabelle still made it into the runnings?! (or I should say it kept getting brought up by Vegas and rejected quicker and quicker each time by me!)

We are happy. We are doing good. We are excited.

The baby is doing well...he/she likes chocolate, cupcakes and Trader Joe's icecream...and thankfully also likes fruit, salad and hummus!

The girls are doing well and enjoying the belly getting bigger. Gator is excited for a new baby but keeps asking what we're going to do with Peanut...and Peanut well, she just kisses the belly and rubs it because Gator does.

Enjoy the belly shot taken with the photo challenge of the week - av you know how many shots of the belly ended up on the camera before I got one I could post!!!


FourJedis said...

Your belly is perfect and I love your girls. That's so cute about what to do with Peanut. Anakin asked me if I could get my own baby since Yoda was his. HA. So glad you guys are well - you sound great!

Kelly said...

A very unique boy's name, huh? Aloysius? Alistair? Aristotle? Achilles? Abu? Abracadabra??? You just let me know if I'm close... :)