Saturday, February 27, 2010

20 weeks times THREE!, if you follow the blog...if you know know I'm pregnant.

I feel small compared to the other two pregnancies. I did start smaller with this one...HOWEVER...I just think its funny that I feel smaller with the third then I did with the first and second.

It got me I just feel smaller or am I smaller?

So...I hunted...and hunted...and hunted some more...




I think the result is that I look different in every picture. I'm not sure that I'm bigger, smaller or heck even the same size! Talk about different pregnancies, huh?


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

so, I think you're just HIGHER up this time.. but more oval for sure than w/ Gator..

Gina said...

you look different. If anything, you're bigger since #1...but that's pretty common since by the time you're on a third pregnancy, your body just knows to stretch. LOL.

The Austin Family said...

You look great, and yes, I agree you look different in each pic :) But that's the beauty of being pregnant...each one is different :) and amazing!!

Missy said...

I am going to say your photos have improved over time. =0) I think you look tighter with this one. I like popped over night, CRAZY!!! I really need to start doing belly shots, I am so much more laid back with this one, LOL!