Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well, I guess they were right...


I have to say, I really don't put that much faith in the weather forecasters here. You might be wondering why...unless you live here! There have been several times that they have called for snow...they don't even wait for a flake to fall and they call everything off...close everything...and then, no snow comes at all. Just last month they thought we were going to get some snow but nothing fell. The kids who wanted the snow were of course heartbroken...but alas, finally, the snow really did come.


I guess this is the first time since 2004 that there is measureable snow in the area. In fact, Joe and I drove through the snow in 2004 on our way to Florida to get married!!! The roads were horrendous then...I can only imagine they are just as bad now...if not worse.


The snow keeps falling. I think we're at 5 inches so far...we're in the 6-12 range...WOW.


There are no complaints from the girls though - Gator was quick to wake Vegas up this morning by saying, "Daddy it snowed let's go play" he said, "later" and she said, "Let's go eat breakfast" she just wanted to get out there as quick as possible!


Living down here we're not really prepared for the snow. I'd guess we're probably one of the only people on the street that actually own a snow shovel. Yes, hard to believe but why would they need them down here? The girls then don't have snow pants that fit or really any winter gear so we had to make due with what we had...and boy oh boy they don't look nearly as put together as I would have liked! I squeezed Gator into 2T snowpants...and Peanut had three layers of clothing on and rainboots that were still 2 sizes to big for her! Thankfully Gator's winter boots from last year fit just barely because I couldn't get the right size last year and had to go bigger...


They did have a blast outside or Gator and the dogs did...Peanut just stood there in shock.


They played on the swings, Gator made a snow angel...and they ran around....all in all, it was a fun morning had by all...more snow has since fallen and I'm sure we'll all be going out to play in it again this afternoon!



Hope you enjoyed the pictures and were able to stay warm!! Brrr! That's it for now...maybe more later!



NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I think we have about 4" but the temp is 19 so we're staying inside! LOL

THanks for the siggy btw!

mum2abby said...

Yeah, I'm not sure where they are getting their estimates we have a bunch of snow but not that much. They closed church for tomorrow. I think its funny because in Boston we'd not even think twice about leaving the house in this crap! <3 No worries on the siggy, sent you email and let me know if you need/want help w/ other stuff.

Gina said...

SNOW!!!!! Happy winter. Are you still going to come see me if I have snow? LOL The girls look adorable. Poor Peanut--she looks like she didn't like it!

mum2abby said...

Gina, I'll come see you regardless...I just hope there isn't any! LOL. I'm sure we'll get snow while I'm up in Boston thankfully my Mom got a pair of snowpants that will actually fit Gator...still nothing for Peanut, but its okay! Yeah...P didn't like it that much...but G loved it. She went out again in the afternoon, P just watched from the window with a snack!!!