Sunday, January 10, 2010

the weekend...

So, it started out with a good house cleaning...and lots and lots of laundry. Our laundry is never ending...seriously...I feel like I'm doing several loads a day...

Our little laundry helper


That was pretty much the extent of the excitement for, not much better...Joe was preparing for a TDY so he was packing...


She tried to sneak in...but failed


Then, Abby was snoring and I couldn't find was like seriously scary because I could hear her...but I couldn't see her...thankfully I found her after several runs up and down the hall checking rooms and bathrooms...



She didn't look too comfy but she slept no complaints from me!

Then we went out and ran a few errands and grabbed some dinner at Moe's...Abby was all excited about the mini-moo -- kid sized burrito! She filled her burrito with black beans, chicken, olives, a wee bit of cheese, cucumbers and tomatos...adorable.


They enjoyed themselves...and me too. Thankfully its time for bed...

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Gina said...

how funny that she fell asleep back there!