Thursday, January 14, 2010



I'm not sure what happened Tuesday...really, its a blur. But yesterday, Wednesday, was awesome. We had gymbucks to spend so we made a trip to the mall...and we also had a giftcard from Disney. I bribed Abby to behave by telling her she could get whatever she wanted at the Disney store if she was good. Ok, so I was going to let her was just a ploy to get her to be on her best behavior.

Gymboree was awesome - they had some huge sales going on. I would have liked to just get Abby clothes but her size was kind of picked over...I managed to get Abby 3 pairs of jammies, 1 shirt, a pair of undies and Amelia 2 pairs of jammies and 2 shirts...for a whole THIRTY dollars. Talk about some kick @ss shopping;)

So, she behaved...and we went to the Disney store...she walked around (holding her giftcard the entire time) and finally came across these tinkerbell shoes that she HAD to have. She apparently had been looking for them her whole life and finally found we got them, along with some tinkerbell figures and a couple plates.

She loved them so much when she napped...she didn't take them off!!


Then, the best part of the day was Joe coming home early from his TDY...

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Erika said...

you sound like me! annika and abby are two peas in a pod!