Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed in Sunday!

We had a very lazy Sunday! Its cold...very cold! There is lots of snow still on the ground.


Gator was quick to bundle up and shovel with Vegas today. Of course, Vegas ended up shoveling and Gator made footprints through the yard. Growing up, I loved the look for snow without the I think the footprints add something to it...


Peanut stayed inside with Momma because its just too she watched from the window!


We had a pretty easy lunch which included smoothies...the girls love smoothies!




Then, I read a little bit of a new book I got and I love it...I highly recommend it for everyone!


Gator did some art stuff today, tanagrams and lacing cards...she was so proud when she finished it by herself.


Oh...and then we made scones. Well, step back...first I made guacamole and enchiladas for dinner. They were horrible. I'm not sure how I messed up the guacamole since we make it weekly but it wasn't good this go round. Then, we decided to make scones which the recipe is super easy HOWEVER it came out super gooey so I wasn't sure how it would really turn out. O-M-G...the best ever. Forget the Trader Joe's ones for 3/2.99...we're going to make our own...


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Erika said...

i miss the snow!!! the grass is always greener...seriously! your girls look SO cute all bundled up. looks like a great day- we can learn to cook together. ;-)