Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The long weekend!

Ok, so most of the weekend is a complete blur as I haven't been feeling the best...but here is the jist of what I remember.

Joe had Friday off from work - he got some pass day from awhile back that he finally used free day off! WOohoo! We opted to take the kids to the Children's Museum except its under construction so they now are operating out of this place called Andalo's Clubhouse. I hadn't really heard anything good or bad about it...well, let me tell you! Don't waste your time going over!! I have a pass to get into a bunch of the museums so it was free..but I couldn't imagine paying to get in! It was so small, not really child friendly and had only a few exhibits Abby could enjoy. Had Joe not been there we would have walked in and out in probably fifteen minutes...thankfully Joe was there which meant there was a little more patience for sitting and doing the same thing over and over again...and extra hands to hold onto Amelia as she kept trying to escape. Did we have a fun time? Yes...but we probably won't go back.

Then, Saturday...we all went out for lunch. I think we ran some errands too! Joe decided to work on a little bathroom project!

Not a "happy" camper shopping


Helping Dad in the bathroom with the fixin'


Enjoying the tub


And, here is the way cool new bath toy storage that we love


On Sunday, we made cupcakes!

the chef (or one of them)


The Decorator


The cupcakes


And Monday, we had dinner with our friends that are moving!! This was also the day that Amelia went to the doctor for her well baby appointment - 15 months old! She weighed in at JUST 21 pounds (a little over 10%) and stood 31.5'' tall (75%) and her head is 19'' (90%)...they are a little concerned about her weight but...she eats so we're not too worried!

Tuesday was absolutely beautiful...and we played outside! We were so happy to see the temperature reach into the 60s! The girls had a blast! They played on the swings and Amelia said "weeeee" (although, she says this walking down the stairs too)...then we played with bikes and cars and even with some chalk!



On the swings




Driving the car


It was a blast...but then best part of Tuesday was when the results came in from Massachusetts - Scott Brown for Senate!!!

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Kaye said...

We have that bath tub toy organizer (bought it when we first got here) and I LURVE it. :) It's awesome. :)