Sunday, January 24, 2010

Its warm!!

Ok, so it was warm today! Beautiful. It hit just above 60! I'm sure if you're up in Boston reading this (or Gina in Syracuse) you're thinking 60...that's gorgeous weather...and it is...but it isn't. I thought it was kind of cold so I bundled Peanut in her jacket before going out. I laughed because I knew that if people knew how warm it was they'd think I was silly...but alas, its life in Virginia.

So, on the beautiful day...Joe decided to do some yardwork. Gator helped by "breaking" the leaves (aka raking) and then we had some lunch and took naps. Peanut woke up from her nap first (she went down first too) so I brought her outside to play. She was all over the yard but really fell in love with the game fetch.

I didn't start by playing it with her but she was off exploring and I tossed the ball to Bisk and Bars who ran after it, looked at it and walked off...Peanut however waddled across the entire yard to get this ball (several times!).



What a beautiful day! I hope we have many more nice warm days ahead...forget the cold stuff...I want warmth, spring and life!

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