Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's life...military life anyways!


On Tuesday night we had dinner with our good know those kind of friends that just up and leave you in Virginia! The military kind! They got orders and so on Wednesday they officially left for their new home in the Centennial State.

The military is a very funny thing. Its something that most people don't understand...because why would they - unless they have lived it. Some people get a small glimpse into the military life because they know someone that served somewhere or did something...but really, to truly appreciate have to live it.

I'm not going to lie...its not always great. In fact, someone told me the other day, "Military life is not measured in years...its just forever..." and I totally agree. It just seems to drag on and go slow during the tough times...and other times you look and you're like "really, has it been THIS long?".

Military life has such awesome things to and retirement pay are probably two of the best things. But, many more. The friends that you make in the military are life long. You always know someone somewhere...and if you don't, one of your friends knows someone for you to meet. And really...the military is small. We've been to three locations in the eight years Vegas (yes, the nickname for the hubster because that's what they call him here..Bellucci apparently means beautiful lights - LOL) has been in the military. We have friends from all over...and sometimes its funny to find out that your friends from one spot meet up with your friends from another spot in a completely different spot! Its just weird, its small...its military life.

Being a military wife is hard. I'm sure many of my friends will agree. We all have our good days and our bad days...but the truth is you make the choice to make the life good. There are pros and cons to every part of the military...but there are pros and cons to life on the outside to. We have to embrace the good and forget about the negatives.

So, on Tuesday night...I embraced the good. I took pictures of Gator and Surfer Dude...we hung out together and enjoyed the time we were able to spend together. Life goes on...and perhaps, we'll meet again.


In the meantime, I'll treasure the dance party the kids had...and laugh about all the things I taught Surfer Dude that his Dad didn't really appreciate...peeing in the sink because the electronic flushers scared him like crazy...feetie pjs and of course how awesome Tinkerbell and the rest of the fairies are.


I must say, its funny who you see and bump into even after all these years. Its funny who you stay close to...and its funny that I still dream (and yes, I say dream because this will most likely never happen) that Fence, Half Brain and Dabs will all end up at the same base as us again one day...a girl can wish...


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Sarah said...

yes, we can dream. :)
and that last picture is SO CUTE!