Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inspired...by Food Inc & Skinny Tuesday


Recently, I was reading my friend Erika's blog where she talked about the movie Food Inc and how it had really been an inspiration to her (among other things) to change the way she eats. She's started writing a blog every Tuesday called Skinny Tuesday...this week she is doing a giveaway for a book called the Kind Diet and if you're interested you can enter to win it here.

Yesterday, while the girls were napping I had a chance to watch Food Inc. It was horrible...oh, the movie was very, very good...it was the facts and reality check that made me shiver. So...now I'm on a hunt to find good and nutrious food for my kids. I do NOT want them to be the 1 in 3 children born after 2000 that will develop early onset diabetes...or anything else for that matter!

Please, if you get a chance...rent the movie from Netflix, your local library or a friend that has it. It is DEFINITELY worth the 90 minutes...it will change your life.

So, every Tuesday will I have something Skinny to tell you? Probably not since I'm growing a baby in me...but I'll work hard at having some good pictures of healthy and nutrious food in the blog...and links to some healthy options...afterall, isn't 2010 a good year to get healthy?


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