Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How we ride...

I'm a huge fan of safety...and a huge fan of Britax carseats. I try to keep as up to date with the safety information as possible.

A lot of my friends often ask how the kids are riding...the reason being that most of my friends don't live near here...so while I was pumping gas, I took a quick snapshot of life in the backseat.


Here are some interesting carseat facts:

- car accidents are the #1 killer of children aged 1 to 14

- rear facing is the safest way to ride. You can keep your child rear facing as long as your seat weight allows (some up to 35 pounds). Its the law to keep them rear facing until 20 pounds AND 1 year...but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends as long as possible - yes, 2 years or more!

- when forward facing it is important to remember that 5 point harnesses are the best option. Some carseats only 5 point harness until 40 pounds...look for the longer lasting ones 65 and sometimes 80 pounds(Britax Frontier, Boulevard, Marathon, etc)

- the longer you can use 5 point harness the better...some people recommend 5 and 5...keep your kid 5 point harnessed until they are at LEAST 5.

- the LATCH is usually only good up until your child is 40 pounds then you need to install with a seatbelt. When installing use only seatbelt or latch, not both.

There is so much more to say about carseats! And, if I've got any of the information not all correct please let me know. Safety for our kids is important THEY ARE THE FUTURE...also, please take a moment to go to www.youtube.com and type in car seat safety or 5 point harness to realize why it is so important.


Corey said...

No heavy coats! A light fleece coat is best. Wrap a blanket around them to get to the car if you have to! But in an accident, it will compress and the child can be expelled.

The chest clip is called a chest clip for a reason. It does no good on the belly. It should be at armpit level. If it is too low, the shoulders can slip out in an accident.


Gina said...

My 5 year old is still in a 5pt. ;) Probably will be at 6, too.