Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

This is the official start of my 365 project!


So, the 365 project starts now...a picture a day (or more) and then I'll blog about it. So far I've been doing pretty good at updating daily but let's be honest...its not going to happen daily all the time so I'm aiming for weekly! :) I'd also love to know who is actually reading the blog so go ahead and click on "follow me" if you would :D

Today started out like anyday...sorta. First, we had breakfast...we made waffles from William Sonoma - I love their waffles! Chocolate Chip flavored per Abby's request...yum!

Then afterward Joe & Abby went to the store and I hung home with Amelia. We didn't do much she tried to take a nap and I tried to work on the blog. By working on the blog I've been working in photoshop trying to make a background and banner, etc. So, as you come back and see what's up you'll notice things will change. The background will change but for now we're leaving that as is while I work on the other stuff.

While Abby was napping today I had a blast with Amelia. She loves these balls that I got her for Christmas. If you're interested in some really cool balls (they are so incredibly awesome and sold as a set of three) then please fell free to contact her and she'll work up a custom (she's awesome)...oh, and you can of course find her on etsy at her store called 2 Little Peppers


So, today was awesome...I had a blast with Amelia...the weather outside looked like this


but, how could it matter when I had all afternoon to play with Amelia



Gina said...

looks great!!!

Erika said...

i'm reading you and following you! can't wait to see your 365 pics! :-)

Sarah said...

blog looks awesome!!!
and the girls are as cute as ever. :)