Friday, January 29, 2010


What a day!

Today was crazy. Its payday for the military (well, most of us) and we're expecting a "huge" storm here. I knew I needed to run to the store so I figured I'd go early this morning...I went on base and attempted to go to the commissary but opted not to even get out of the car - it was packed at 845am! I just drove to Trader Joe's instead. I wasn't disappointed about that because really, Trader Joe's is way better then the commissary anyways!

This "storm" that's coming - they are predicting quite a lot of snow. Somewhere between a dusting and over a foot. I'm sorry, I'm from New England...that is the worst prediction I've ever heard..."You might get some snow or you might get more then a foot"...I think now tonight the prediction is somewhere between 6-10 inches...we shall see what we really get! Its supposed to be a record breaking storm...the last good snow they saw here was 4'' in 2004! LOL, that's pathetic!

After going to the store we opted to have a pretty low key day. We played at home...did some water color...had some lunch...and some cake...which then turned into needing a bath...and then I was tired and thought we all should nap! But, only Peanut slept!

Water color time:


Bathtime...the water looks yellow and it is...thanks to Gator's color changing fizzy ball!


After bath, Gator wanted Peanut to wear a big shirt...and Peanut did like it but she was exhausted (see how cranky she was) so we sent her to take a was really good (until Gator woke her up!):


Then, its time for Vegas to get home...I was about to prepare dinner when I had this really big craving for Chipotle. It was pretty easy to convince him so we all got in the car and ran to do an errand first and then to Chipotle...where the line was probably 30 people long and at the door...seriously people...seriously?! We knew we weren't going to be able to wait in the line with the ridiculous crowd so we headed next door for some Five Guys. Gator loves it there...and Peanut has no complaints about the french fries and ketchup...of course she had some hotdog and burger too! I wish I could have gotten a picture of her trying to take a bite of my burger but alas, I'm the one with the camera and I wasn't going to let her take a bite of Vegas' burger complete with everything on it including jalepenos!


Then...yes, we went somewhere else! We had to go to the Verizon Wireless store so that I could replace my phone YET again! This is phone number four or five since October. It took an hour but I have another new phone that hopefully works for a good long time! Thank heavens for warranties!!!

Check back tomorrow to see if we got snow!


Erika said...

first, i think we are living parallel lives!!! lol! we love chipotle, and our phone has broken 5 times...and we love TJ's, and I could go on. I am so glad you explained the water color in the bathtub. Otherwise, I really would have wondered! ;-)

mum2abby said...

LOL we totally are! I can't believe my phone has broken so much its driving me crazy especially with Vegas about to deploy and this being my ONLY phone line!!! I already feel like I need to go back to TJs! We're almost out of chicken nuggets...I found some there that the kids really love...that and I need more hummus. I'm either running out of pitas or hummus, I should learn to stock up on both at the same time!!! I think its hilarious that Peanut likes it too! I just wouldn't think she'd like it but she does!