Thursday, January 7, 2010

Donut Disaster

I really wanted to make donuts. In fact, I had been thinking about them for a couple days and yesterday thought it would be the perfect Thursday morning activity. The problem was I ended up in a little funk where I thought laying around and being lazy was more fun.

But, I had all the ingredients and thought...this could be fun...a perfect after dinner dessert making adventure!

I got the recipe from my friend Gina...who had passed it along to Sarah and they both made delicious (so they say) I was mixing all the ingredients it smelled awesome. I just knew they were going to be fabulous!

We got everything mixed and then had to lay some flour out on the counter and pat the dough down so that we could make them into donuts...the problem? The dough was so sticky...I ended up making quite a mess and using a lot of flour. Joe was home...and at first I was rather annoyed because he doesn't seem to like baking projects like the girls and I do...but then we quickly became relieved as disaster struck!


You are supposed to use a dutch oven for this, yeah...I just used a pot since I don't have a "dutch oven" and then you're supposed to heat the oil to 375F. Being the genious that I am...I was already delayed in putting the oil on the stove so I set it to high...nothing started to boil so I thought, hmm. But then a weird scent started...soon we ended up having to open up all the windows and doors and the dogs wanted to be outside...a sign that we should have just ended the project. But no....Abby and I continued (Joe took Amelia upstairs for a bath).

I thought, super easy all I have to do is drop these donuts in the oil and then take them out...but poof...instant burning...I ended up running the pot outside to the backyard barefoot (and its freezing here) to save the inside of the kitchen from the horrid scent (and enormous amount of smoke!).

This is what it looked like after I had gone back inside, found shoes, made sure more windows/doors were open and turned off the stove...oh, and grabbed the camera...


Yes, not a pretty picture. I cleaned up the huge mess of a kitchen...which I really should have taken pictures for you to see...and then waited until the pot was no longer smoking outside and brought it in...

Donut anyone?


I'm pretty sure that's not how they are supposed to turn out...looking back, I probably overheated the oil...who knows. For now, no donuts...perhaps tomorrow I'll try a DIFFERENT donut the meantime...if you have a fun recipe you think the girls would love - link me to it!!! Photobucket

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Sarah said...

LOL!! definitely not what they are supposed to look like!!!