Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm well aware that when you have children they say DO NOT compare them. Ok, so I've tried my hardest not to. They are SO incredibly different.

Here they are at birth:


Joe always thought they looked alike...although, I'm not sure I was ever sold on them looking similiar. I think they are completely different. Can you tell them apart? The one that is laying on me is Abby and the one swaddled is Amelia.

Now, really this blog isn't going to compare them month by month from birth until now...but I just can't get over how different they are! Yesterday Amelia wore this adorable sweater out to Mom bought it for Abby. I went looking for a picture and scrolled through all of our 2007 pictures looking for this stupid picture...I was in the wrong year! Apparently Abby wore it when she was THREE months old!!! And, well, Amelia is 14 months old...


It didn't just start yesterday November and December Amelia was wearing a lot of clothes that Abby wore in November and December 2006! That was Amelia (13-14m old) and Abby (4-5m old).


and Amelia (Dec 16 2009) not the best picture because it was taken on my cell phone and it was dark but still you'll get the idea...


And, really I don't think anything is wrong with either of them. They are just different from each other. Here are two more pictures of Abby when she was 14 months old...just look at them and then look at current pictures of Amelia...


Lastly, the stat facts... At 14 months old Abby weighed 29 pounds...Amelia 21. Abby wore a size 4-5 diaper...Amelia is floating in a 3. Abby was in size 2T jammies, Amelia 12m. Abby wore 18-24 month clothing from gymboree and it was snug, Amelia can still fit in 6-12m and wears a lot of 12-18 month that is loose.

Isn't it fun to compare sometimes? Photobucket

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Sarah said...

this is so weird, but i think that they do look alike NOW, but not when abs was little. ?? strange. LOL