Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I love bathtime with these girls! Its their favorite time of day (usually)...and they are always so happy and kind to each other (for the most part) in the tub!

For Christmas, they got lots of cool bath stuff from Santa and from Amelia's Godparents too! Although as you'll see from the pictures the tub is overloaded with lots of really cool toys to begin with! Tonight they played with their Tinkerbell fairy wand and changed the water blue!

Abby and Amelia in the tub - Amelia is laughing at Abby's silliness


My little ham


I love the look on Amelia's face here...I told her not to drink the water!


Ahh, and as you'll remember from yesterday's blog...I'm 12 weeks pregnant today! So, here is a quick picture so you can see just how I'm looking these days. You can't see the shirt but its a new favorite of mine from a seller on etsy called Disco Belly. It reads "PLANNED. (By Someone Higher Then Me)" I thought it fit for the surprise we have on the way!

IMG_0666 copy


janine said...

fun shirt!

Sarah said...

that kid can make some seriously funny faces. :D and you look adorable!