Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby #3

Today, I got to see our newest addition!

I had our second OB appointment. It wasn't anything super special except that I had it with the doctor I love - the one that delivered Amelia!!! I don't think I could say enough things about just how awesome she is...so I'm not going to try!

The appointment went well, I don't think I've gained any weight since last time and my blood pressure was only 110/60 which is fabulous (especially if you remember my pregnancy with Abby!).

The ultrasound showed a healthy and very active little baby who is measuring right where he/she needs to! In fact, when doing the ultrasound Dr. Lee stared at the screen for quite awhile and then Joe said, "that is only one right?"...apparently the baby was so active that Dr. Lee was trying to make sure it really was only one!

It was really neat to see the baby. S/he was stretching its arms and legs and kicking...absolutely adorable...and quite the change from the little blob four weeks ago! You can now see the head, arms, legs etc!

baby3 002
baby3 001

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